Kids Time

Jesus is Real

We enjoyed the book our own Julie Eckstein helped to write called  A Day in the Life of a Fairy. This fun book explains that fairies are not real, but the truth of the love of Jesus is. How wonderful it is to know that Jesus loves us loves enough to die in our place. We can choose to give our lives to Him and follow Him every day.

Sharing Our Poster with Everyone

Kids Time made a poster JESUS LIVES for the sanctuary for Easter Sunday. Everyone was given the chance to post hearts with the way Jesus Lives in and through us. 

Kids Use Art for Learning

Making art in Kids Time helps us process the lessons we learn. We share our work with the rest of the church on the Kids Time Bulletin Board.

Videos for Outreach

We have several videos the kids have made on YouTube in Pastor Lana’s video channel “Express Him Videos.”

Click here to find the playlist and scroll to “Kids Time Videos” for the list of videos we have done.

Latest Video from Kids Time

One of the fruits of the Spirit is Kindness. God wants his people to practice being kind.