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Our Sunday services are a mix of sermons, worship in song and prayer, and, at times, discussion as we seek the Lord and His plans for our lives and our church. We take seriously His instruction to gather for fellowship and to build each other up in faith.

Below are Pastor Shea’s most recent sermons and below that sermons for the past few years.
Videos of our services are also available on our YouTube channel, OBF Online.


In the world, life is not fair, but the Kingdom of God is just and fair.

April 2: Jesus vs the World

by Pastor Wallace Shea

God’s Kingdom is not talk, but power, and our faith is a mighty weapon when we move in His will. 

March 26: The Kingdom of God Is About Power

by Pastor Wallace Shea

If we want answers to prayers and miracles, we must actively seek and believe, knowing God’s heart and His willingness to answer us.

March 19: Building an Active Faith

by Pastor Wallace Shea

Previous messages this year

Amazing ordinary life. Includes Pastor’s message to his home church.

Jan. 1: Amazed at Life

by Pastor Wallace Shea

When we accept Christ we are born again, in spirit, soul and body.

Jan. 15: New Life in Christ

by Pastor Wallace Shea

Some insight from the scriptures on how we are to give and why.

Jan. 29: Principle of Giving

by Pastor Wallace Shea

Finding treasures of the Lord in His word.  can change our future.

Feb. 5: Digging for treasure

by Pastor Wallace Shea

Pilate asked, “What Is truth?” to the one person who is the Truth.

Feb. 12: What’s so Important About Truth?

by Pastor Wallace Shea

Laughter is from God, who does things that can make us laugh.

Feb. 19: God Laughs

by Pastor Wallace Shea

… let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect …”

Feb. 26: An Unstable Man

by Pastor Wallace Shea

In every movement, balance is needed to keep your faith stable yet moving.

March 5: Balance In a Movement

by Pastor Wallace Shea


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