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A Movie to See

Dr. Anthony Levatino is a doctor who has performed 1200 abortions. That all changed when his wonderful little 5 year old daughter was hit and killed by a car outside of their home. When the doctor got back to work after that tragedy and was doing another mid-term abortion, cutting out the parts of the body of a baby and having to inventory each body part to make sure he removed them all, he was struck with how appalling it was to do that to a baby.

He is now starring as an abortion doctor in the new movie “Unplanned” which is the true story about Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood director, who became horrified at what abortions really are.

An interesting note is that young girls will not be allowed to see this “R” movie unless they are accompanied by an adult, however, in our nation, a minor girl can request and get an abortion without the knowledge or consent of a parent.

The strongest argument for abortion is that a woman has a right to do with her own body whatever she wants; but that is also the weakest argument.  It can be obviously proved that the baby is not of her body.  In any court of law if you were to identify who was who it would be proven that a person with different DNA, of different blood type, of a different gender, etc. is not the same person.

Rather a more accurate description is that a woman is “with child.”  Perhaps why god is so concerned and warns about sexual sin is because the act involves the creation of human life itself.  Indeed, the child is created as a new, separate, person by the joining of the cells from a man and from a woman.

The nations of the earth have been horrified to hear of the story of newsperson Jamal Khashoggi who was killed by Saudi agents as they cut him into pieces until he died.  Yet this happens by the millions in our country legally.

We are appalled that German Nazis killed 11 million people in concentration camps, yet our country has killed over 60 million innocent children in the womb.  What is the judgment of God hanging over our country?